Bulk SMS For Saccos

Introduction to Bulk SMS for Saccos

Bulk Messaging has become popular in Kenya Saccos with the increase in Mobile Usage. Bulk Message or Bulk SMS is a service where users disseminate a large numbers of SMS messages that are delivered to recipient mobile phones.

How to Register for Bulk SMS for your Sacco:

To register for Bulk SMS for your Sacco, please fill in the form at the right side of this page and click send. One of our agents will get in touch with you. Please fill in the following details:

  • Name of the contact person
  • Company name
  • Contact Telephone number
  • Contact email address

Why use Bulk SMS for your Sacco in 2017

  • Ability to send Branded SMS Messages in Bulk
  • Cloud SMS Service accessible from anywhere
  • Reliable Messaging Service
  • Affordable messaging Service
  • Schedule SMS easily
  • Store contacts online
  • Easy to use Messaging Service
  • Time-saving Messaging Service
  • Free analytic report for the message
  • Personalized Sender ID for your SMS
  • Easily import contacts to the system
  • 24/7 Customer service

Uses for Bulk SMS for Saccos in Kenya 2017

  • Sending account balances
  • Sending monthly statements
  • Following up on payments
  • Loan repayment alerts
  • New product release details
  • Scheduling for meetings
  • Sending alerts to Sacco Members
  • Sending news and updates

How to send Bulk SMS to your customers in Kenya

To send bulk SMS for your Sacco register with us by getting in touch with one of our agents. After registration which takes a few minutes. After registration, you can:

Step 1: Log in to your Bulk SMS

Step 2: Import contacts to your account

Step 3: Type your message and and add tags to personalize it.

Step 4: Check pricing, pay and click send. It’s that easy.

A delivery report will be generated after the messages have been sent.


Samples of Bulk SMS from the Financial Industry

Dear Customer, DO NOT Share your Sacco Pin with anyone via phone, email or SMS or even in person. Our Sacco does not ask for your PIN. PIN yako SIRI yako.

“Dear Esteemed customer, as we celebrate this Mashijaa day we wish to thank you for your support. Dial *346# for out M-Time service” TIMESUSACCO

“Dear Member, don’t struggle in your farming this season. Get Kilimobora loan at affordable rates & pay after harvesting. Avoid the monthly payments struggles.” TIMESUSACCO

“mVISA enables you to make FREE payments for goods and services. Getting started is easy. Dial *522#, Mykash, select mVisa or use the KCB app.” KCB

“Dear Customer, Your Co-op card expires on 31 October 2017. Your renewed card is ready for collection at UPPER HILL BRANCH. For Queries call 0703027000.” Coop Bank

“Dear customer, effective Sunday, 01/10/2017 Moi Avenue branch operations will be transferred to Queensway branch. You can also do your banking via our mobile and online banking platforms or at any Post Office countrywide. For details visit the nearest branch or call 0722130120” Barclays

Sacco Bulk SMS Prices

Branded Bulk SMS:

  • Set up fee & Branding: Ksh. 8,000
  • Price per SMS: Ksh 1
  • Monthly fee: Nil
  • Maintenance charges: Nil
  • Training: Free

General Bulk SMS

  • Set up fee: Nil
  • Price per SMS: Ksh 1
  • Monthly fee: Nil
  • Maintenance Charges: Nil
  • Training and set-up: Free

Dedicated Short Code

  • Set up: Ksh. 18,000
  • Monthly charges: Ksh18,000
  • Shared Short Code:
  • Sep up: Ksh: 8,000
  • Monthly Charges: Ksh: 8,000

Other Bulk SMS users in Kenya

  • Bulk SMs for Primary Schools
  • Bulk SMS for Colleges and Universities
  • Bulk SMs for Insurance Companies
  • Bulk SMs for Banks
  • Bulk SMS for Sacco’s
  • Bulk SMS for Financial Institutions
  • Bulk SMs for Airlines,
  • Bulk SMs  for Corporate companies and Businesses
  • Bulk SMs for Churches and other religious groups
  • Bulk SMs for Hotels
  • Bulk SMS for Hospitals
  • Bulk SMs for NGO’s and
  • Bulk SMS for Trade Unions
  • Bulk SMs for Legal services providers
  • Bulk SMs for Courier Service Companies
  • Bulk SMs for Debt collection agencies
  • Bulk SMS for Real Estate Managers
  • Bulk SMs for Transport Companies and Matatu Saccos
  • Bulk SMs for Chamas
  • Bulk SMS for Investment Groups
  • Bulk SMs for Service providers
  •  Bulk SMs for Social and Business networking groups
  • Bulk SMs for Travel
  • Bulk SMS for libraries

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