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BulkSMS was started as a link between Your company and Key Stakeholders
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In Kenya, Mobile usage has surpassed any other technology. One of the Key benefits of Mobile SMS usage is that it cuts across all economic classes including the rich, middle class and the poor. The flexibility of using SMS is that it can be customized to any language to reach the targeted audience hence surpassing the limitation of most systems that are dependent on English. It comes with the unique simplicity that you don’t need to educate your target audience before you deliver your message.

It is from this school of thought that Bulk SMS Kenya was developed as a product of Pershall international in the early parts of 2017. Believing that human interactions and emotions are key drivers of relationship building that is employee retention and customer growth. We help companies break internal barriers that affect productivity and increase employee turnover. Using Bulk SMS in Kenya you can reach your employees to Motivate them, inspire them, gift them, send communication and announcement saving time and increasing efficiency. You can also use Bulk SMS to build relationships between the organization and customers. Increasing interaction with customers and building an emotional attachment increases the rate at which you receive return customers.







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Everything has gone Mobile, sharing data, documents, newsletters, memos etc. Don’t be left in the dark ages and join others in your industry adopting to the industry changes.

Primary, Secondary and College are communicating to guardings with regard to results and fee balances using Bulk SMS in Kenya. Churches are using bulk SMS to share important updates and event activities like Women Empowerment day etc.

Hospitals are using Bulk SMS in Kenya to update patients on their scheduled appointments and payment reminders. Companies take advantage of bulk SMS to update potential customers and returning clients on new products that have been introduced. Chamas and Sacco are sharing sending payment reminders, meetings and event status using Bulk SMS in Kenya.

Join other communities and grow your stakeholder experience with your film using bulk SMS. We will be with through every step of the way.

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